inspired by Harriet and her adventures in the yarn arts and nancy’s pleas to wear it – i dragged out the scarf i knitted in crochet cotton last year.

i decided to thread tiny seed beads on the long fringe (5 beads per strand), but stopped threading for what i can only imagine was my usual inability to finish items – well that and the realisation that my stash of seed beads would not be enough for the whole fringe.

so today i went to lincraft, spent an AGE attempting to decide on the appropriate beads (Fenton must be truly thankful that he did not accompany me!)

(it actually looks much nicer in Real LifeTM)

While at Lincraft I checked out the wool – hoping to find something chunky and green for Nancy – to either teach her to knit or whip something up myself – sadly there was nothing that took my fancy. Realistically it will be cheaper to purchase a scarf for her than to make one! Especially as there are so many nice scarves about at the moment.

now for the endless nights of threading!

One thought on “crafty

  1. Oh that’s very pretty!
    I was going to suggest that your craft projet be teaching Nancy to knit so that she can make her own scarf and socks!
    I am currently having murderous thoughts about the feathers – I’m on the last row of feathers for Bonnie’s hat and it is annoying me greatly – it is a bit fiddly and if you drop a stitch it’s lost in the abyss of feathery bits for ages!

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