one thousand

that is how many teeny tiny sead beads I threaded onto the fringes of the girly scarf. it does look rather pretty, but it is not something i would want to repeat in a hurry.

only the loose threads on the edges to weave in and it will be complete!

if i had the wherewithal (ie a decent camera and a rather nice chair), i would photograph it a la the scarves on ugly green chair.

now i ponder my next crafty adventure.

i’d love to do something with my collection of 30 pin ram – so far I have sewn a stick onto fenton’s satchel which looks a bit groovy and geeky. i have been known to wear a stick tied onto some leather thonging around my neck. i have a sizeable stash, but alas not enough to make a hanging ram curtain (not that it would really fit with the hardly decor – the abode is too small/cluttered – a sleek minimalist warehouse-type space would be perfect!)

I really covet the things I have seen crafted with circuit boards (i will dig up some links/pix on the morrow – right now I’m dragging my tired self to bed)

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