3 thoughts on “i need a craft project

  1. What kind of craft project? sewing? knitting? origami?
    You can get a million and one ideas by browsing the web and looking at what other people have done! I want to knit loads of stuff after seeing the things I have seen in the last couple of days … sadly none of it will come to fruition because as we know Ive got the ideas and the will to begin, but I am not a finisherer.

  2. you could do a project likeee knitting your eldest child some socks or a scarf đŸ˜€ she would probably like that. you don’t have to though, only if you would like to do, then okay.

  3. i don’t think i will be knitting. i am also a big non-finishererer of craft projects (knitting projects most of all!)

    i have still to thread seed beads onto the ends of a scarf i whipped up last year. i imagine nancy will appropriate it for her own use when (if) it is eventually completed.

    no i will not make socks! especially when I can buy 2 pairs for $3!!!!

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