swish swish swish

i have a love/hate relationship with my twin tub washing machine.

things i love about it:

  1. it was free! from the side of the road – it had all of its hoses & even the original manual inside!!

  2. i can use the water from a load more than once (which is great in these water restrictive times)

  3. it is tiny – so it fits nicely in the very tiny hardly abode

  4. it has little wheels, so that i may wheel it into the very tiny hardly kitchen to wash

  5. its filling hose slides nicely and painlessly over the kitchen tap – I don’t need special tap fittings to use it (the hardly abode has no such tap fittings)

  6. it has a “boil” setting – i can boil my washing! that is just cool.

  7. it is about 500% better than having to hand wash all of our clothes

  8. did i mention it was free?

things i hate about it:

  1. washing is so very very labour intensive no 1 – i have to manually fill the tub (i can’t walk away as you would with an automatic washing machine, because there is no “cut off” when the water reaches the desired level – if i’m not watchful, the hardly carpet will receive an unexpected shampooing – fortunately this has not occured)

  2. washing is so very very labour intensive no 2 – i have to draaaaaaaaaaag the wet washing from the tub to the spinner basket and stand at the machine holding the hose onto lest enormous vibration caused by spinning shake the hose loose (causing the hardly carpet to receive an unexpected rinsing – unfortunately, this has happened on a couple of occasions).

  3. i have to remember to hook the outlet hose over the hardly kitchen sink, lest the hardly carpet receive an unexpected shampooing (unfortunately, this has also happened on a couple of occasions)

  4. it is hell on my dainty hands (which now resemble the hands of a 65 year old woman) – rubber gloves are useless (unless they are armpit length) because i need to plunge my hands into the tub to drag the washed clothes into the rinser/spinner

  5. it is very very very noisy – it sounds like an aeroplane engine.

Now i know why in my grandparent’s day, women had a day dedicated to washing.

2 thoughts on “swish swish swish

  1. I love the hoovermatic you have – it looks so very cool BUT OMG that sounds almost as bad as hand washing! yes, I remember my 4 week hand-washing episode well enough to be very appreciative of my working fisher & paykal, thank you very much.

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