felt nauseaous most of today “noi’mnotpregnant” – i must say that the interminable photocopying of witness statements** for the barrister (16 reams so far) infinitely more unenjoyable when under the weather.

when asked at work if i was feeling okay (the ghostly pallor & clutching at my stomach probably indicated i was not the best) i was forced to append the “i’m a little nauseaous” with “noi’mnotpregnant” after the first few people raised eyebrows and asked archly, “you’re not…?”

gods forbid! NOI’MNOTPREGNANT!

i arrived home to find that Nancy has the same symptoms, so it is probably food-related. Fenton is symptomless, but these things tend not to affect him.

**do we not have a clerk for that?

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