sore feets

Back from our blanket buying adventures! We went for a cheap purple 100% cotton one – it is light and should not make Fenton too hot – hopefully it will warm me a little more (the forecast minimum for later in the week is 7oC – brrrrrrr).

We also acquired a new innard for our Very Expensive coffee plunger, which leapt to a quite messy death from the kitchen bench a couple of weeks ago. The new innard is a little loose and will require some cunning shoving-of-something-in to stop it rattling about in the outer holder.

I really need to write a list of the things I need/would like when I go on these shopping adventures because I invariably arrive home and realise I should have looked for this and that while I was out.

I have horrible blisters on the top of my toes from wearing boots to work on Friday (damn, I meant to buy some band-aids when we were out) – they don’t have much of a heel – just a very chunky sole, which was comfy – but my socks were too thin and I have been in a little pain ever since. Fenton told me I looked amish when he came to meet me for coffee – black vintage woollen dress with velvet trim, black tights, black boots & hair pulled back rather severely. The boots have been put into hibernation, not just because of the toe thing, but because every time I touched something metallic there would be a quite loud ZAP and a pained “owwwwwww” from me. Static electricity heaven.

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