brr brr brr

it was SO. COLD. last night.

so very very very cold.

I was trakkie dacked & socked up and I was still freezing! I could not sleep for shivering. I was forced to get up and grab a spare single cotton blanket (not particularly warm, but it seemed to make things a little better).

We threw away all of our old manky blankets/duvets in a burst of “lets get rid of this unnecessary junque” energy. That, of course, was in summer when we did not NEED extra warmth and had obviously forgotten how cold it gets here!

Like many Sydney-siders we fool ourselves into thinking that the climate here ranges from mildly pleasant to disgustingly hot. We deny that “freezing” occurs, so winter catches us by surprise every year. We tend not to buy central heating for our homes because it seems extravagant when “it doesn’t really get that cold” and then rush out and buy small energy guzzling fan heaters, blankets, coats and scarves each year when we have these quite regular “cold snaps”.

I remember several years ago when a Canadian friend of my (then, now ex) husband’s came to Australia for 6 months study. She could not believe how very very cold the homes she visited were, and she was from Montreal! She thought we were all quite mad because there was so little difference between the inside and outside temperatures.

So on the agenda today is acquring an inexpensive, but warm, blanket or 2. We wouldn’t want to spend too much money, because it would be a waste when it doesn’t really get that cold.

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