and then there was light

A wee trip today to Bondi Junction to buy a new bulb for the fridge – as we were somewhat tired of groping around in the dark and hoping we came out with the foodstuff we went in for. We had the foresight to take the old bulb with us & the purchase was surprisingly painless (especially as the original bulb had no identifying marks & the fridge is somewhat old – although not old enough to be cool**).

We checked out the newly opened Westfields – Grace Bros (I will never call it Myer) is very white, stark and reminiscent of late 80s minimalist. I guess I am accustomed to the City Store, because they seemed to have a very limited (and quite average) range of stuff.

We were discussing the Bondi Junction development at work recently. Apparently the national average visits to a mall is 1 per month – in the Eastern Suburbs it is once a week. The national average spend per visit is $25, Eastern Suburbs is $100. I’m afraid I fall on Eastern Suburbs side of the equation. I find these stats (if they are accurate) a little difficult to believe – I can well believe the Eastern Suburbs figures, but given the number of people at malls all over Sydney every weekend with trollies over-flowing with /stuff/, I really question the once a month/$25 a visit average.

We are currently watching the highlights of the Danish Royal Wedding on SBS – with commentry by expat Danes that has us all rolling about in hysterics. Those wacky Danes.

**no pun intended.

3 thoughts on “and then there was light

  1. When looking at national averages, you must take into account that Sydney is has more *stuff* to offer the population. I am constantly amazed at the things you talk about that I just don’t see up here. While I would fall into the same category as you, it is only because we have actually had a mall for the last 6 years. There would be a lot of suburban areas around the country that simply do not have the access to shopping that you do and so trips to big centres will be less frequent. I would question the $25/visit… who can visit a mall and only spend $25? $25 doesn’t buy you much these days – a coffee and a piece of cake perhaps? I can’t even purchase the fruit and veg that I used to for $25, one of those little plastic baskets is $50 min. these days!

  2. oh. my. god.

    no mall? the horror! I would just die – seriously.

    We have about 10-15 major places to shop within 45min on the train – we can actually walk to about half.

    I stupidly assumed most captial cities would be the same (oh! my insularity – you’d never think I grew up in the country would you? – good, that’s how I planned it!)

  3. well it would probably be similar in Brisbane, close to the city – but the “city” area would be smaller up here than down there, where you have a bigger population. I am a 45 minute train ride from the city and it’s rather rural-suburban here – as it would be the same distance all around the city and even closer.

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