shut up

Typically crappy work day really. Affie still has not been moved, so we are regaled with her very loud complaining about everything. Unfortunately if I stood up and yelled “will you just shut the fuck up”, I’d probably be sacked (and while on the surface there seems like no downside to that, scratch that surface and the lack of money will shine through as a reason not to do it).

Strange overheard comment of the day (while sitting at a cafe with the lovely Fenton):

How fresh is the whitebait?

What did she think the waiter going to say? “Oh its been sitting out the back in the sun for about 2 weeks.”

Fenton has a 2nd interview on Thursday at the VERY ungodly hour of 7.15am! Apparently his techincal skills passed with flying colours, so he just has to appear non-nervous to secure the role (way to not put him under any pressure) although at that time of the morning I think he would appear slightly more asleep than nervous.

I need to go coat shopping – I almost froze to death on the walk to the station this morning – brrrrrrr. Although it seems extravagent to purchase a costly garment for a 5 minute walk – its not cold enough for a coat on the return trip. And while the cold weather is just lovely, it has the unfortunate effect of drying out my skin terribly – so I’m all itchy (which, of course, makes me very cross indeed). I obviously need lots of chocolate (and cakes and fat-filled things) to make my coat glossy and shiny.

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