Jamie Oliver

While we were at the checkout at Woolworths, a reasonably well-dressed 40-ish woman plonked her groceries at the next checkout and began to engage the checkout chick in a one-sided conversation.

woman: “I’m making something from Jamie Oliver’s show last night!!!”
checkout chick (politely): “oh”
w: “I taped it because he talks so fast!!!”
cc (politely): “oh”
w: “I tried to write it all down, but he was talking so fast that I could not keep up!!!”
cc (politely): “oh”

She was obviously VERY excited about her forthcoming cooking adventure.

I wonder if, when she watches the tape (to follow the recipe), she will become confused at the HUGE disparity with the amounts he SAYS to put into a dish, with the amounts that he ACTUALLY puts in: “and a pinch of thyme” (throws in a good 2 handsfull), 1 cup of white wine (tips in half a bottle)…

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