wishful thinking

Yay for Fenton, who has been promised a second interview next week! Poor baby forgot his belt when dressing, so had to buy one en route to the interview! But he did look rather gorgeous all suited up. So we keep all our bits crossed for a wee while longer.

Affie was in full drama queen mode today. Whenever her phone rang, she asked the new chicky to answer it “because there is a guy who keeps hassling me” (declaimed loudly enough for the whole office to hear), the new chicky would duly answer and, naturally, it would not be the alleged harrasser – she had her mobile on (because her sodding alarm kept going off) – no calls from the alleged harrasser on the moby either. On one occasion the phone rang and the new chicky was not there to answer for her, so she appealed (loudly) to Olive to answer it “because there is a guy who keeps hassling me”. Olive had me falling about laughing with her response – “sorry I’m not getting involved in your personal dramas”. Naturally the call was not from the alleged harrasser. In fact, total of NONE of the calls she received today were anything other than work related. I often wish she would just go away. I think others in the office are beginning to feel similarly. One of the secretaries whispered that she just had to get out for a walk because she could not take listening to the shameless self-congratulations/promotion for a second longer.

So far malevolent is conspicuous by its absence on the favourite words list. Mellifluous is also missing. But I do approve of the inclusion of malapropism. mmmmmmmmm, do we sense a theme here?

Link for Harriet: Invisible Library – a collection of books that only appear in other books!

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