Mr postman

loving gmail after having it for a day.

I’m currently coveting this:

how wonderful for a little balcony/courtyard. And the wheels are sooooooooo cute!
(Yes, I still have my wheels on everything fetish!)

Nancy pointed out that libra now have interesting “facts” on the paper thing that peels off the sticky side of sanitary pads. It reminded me of one of those annoying emails that bounce around mailboxes full of patent untruths like: “a duck’s quack does not echo” & “the human body contains enough arsenic to kill an adult hippopotamus” (okay, I made that last one up) and which the gullible/foolish believe because they read it in an email.

An example of one of these supposed “facts”:

Actually, Libra idiots, ostriches and most waterbirds (like ducks) have penises too. I wonder if their source for this info was one of *those* emails?

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