crowded house

I’ve snatched 10 minutes on Fenton’s laptop while he watches the duckies play the demons & the babies are engrossed in The Sims (for Bess) and project research (for Joe/Frank with the assistance of Nancy).


Cramped calf muscle in the early hours of the morning – I’ve not had one for years and years – owwwwwwww. I woke Fenton with my thrashing about on the bed screaming a la Homer when he suffered night terrors “cobras cobras”. Its still a little sore.

Took the early train trip to collect Bess (while everyone else slept blissfully on, damn them!).

A train pulled into the station while we were walking down the stairs, I let Bess decide if we should run for it or wait for the next one – she voted for waiting and she was rather chuffed that she did, as the next train to pull in was a Millenium Train – o! the excitement!

The day was spent cooking “pink” – a marshmallow slice thingy, which we’ve not had for ages because we have not had electric beaters (and it is impossible to make marshmallow without them) We finally purchased beaters a fortnight ago and making marshmallow is the ultimate test of their quality- it took over an hour with my old ones and about 40 minutes with evil Scott’s good ones. The Sunbeam Beatermix had the job easily done in 10 minutes – wow!

We had a mini slayer fest of our very own this afternoon – watching 4 episodes of season 2 buffy on dvd while all snuggled on the lounge enjoying the cooler weather.

Nancy had an interesting encounter while shopping in the QVB today – she was approached and handed an agent’s card. Yes, for modelling (being Nancy she assumed that the woman had lately escaped from a nearby mental asylum).

I also whipped up another batch of chilli con carne this evening – which went down very well with everyone. The babies just loved it (a little surprising, as it was rather hot) – definitely a repeat item.

I’m *rather* exhausted (as is Bess) but the others are going strong – I think sleep is looking like a rather Good Thing indeed – it is deliciously freezing and snuggling up in bed with a nice book would be just wonderful!!!!

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