I’m so excited!

I had a hit from a mac user (even if it was OS X)!
Hi mystery mac user referred from blogger!!

and here I was thinking I’d have to fire up greebo and view my page just so I could have a mac on my stats! (actually I might just do that anyway – then I would have another mac OS on my stats)

Yes very very small things do amuse me.

I’m also excited because Babies Weekend is coming up! and it is a long weekend – so we get MORE babies for our dollar. I might even drag out the Commodore 64 because Joe/Frank has mentioned numerous times that he is having Commodore withdrawls (he is just too cute).

Gods damnit, I had intended to print out the Cityrail train carriage types and take them on my train trip for Joe/Frank collection tomorrow. We like to record the numbers of the carriages we travel in (train-spotting style) to see if we catch the same one more than once – yes I am a super-nerd (and so are my babies!) – we felt we’d like to record more info than just “tangara” or “old train”. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow.

Fenton had another interview today – all bits crossed for good interview/job-getting vibes.

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