Its a lovely day today……..

Just returned from a wee stroll with Fenton around our land. And what a fabulously wonderful day it is! The weather is perfect – coolish, but bright and sunny. The harbour is sparkling – simply divine! It just reminded me why I love living here.

After being in residence for over a year, we finally decided to become members of Video Ezy. I must say their range is a little uninspiring. I rather wished we owned an operational VCR – there were a few titles I would like to have borrowed, but they seemed to be on video only. But I imagine that most of the local residents would have had the same idea as us – given that hardly anything is open on The Most Boring Day Of The Year – so the range may be greater at other times.

Here is what we ended up with:

  • The Shaolin Temple – in Mandarian with subtitles! (I can’t bear dubbed hong kong cinema – stupid Americans)
  • Twin Peaks (Pilot & Episode 1) – primarily so I can here “she’s deeeead….” & watch Leyland Palmer hump that coffin
  • The Best Bits of The Late Show
  • From Dusk Till Dawn – (Fenton’s pick – there seems to be a superfluous L in the title)
  • Akira – (another Fenton pick – there was no Aeon Flux, which made me very sad)
  • Lantana – (which I have heard rather good things about)

And as it was TMBDOTY, we lodged our own personal protest by walking down The Steps to Harry’s, where we feasted on ever-so-yummy Pie and Peas. mmmmmmmmmmm sacrilicious.

As no supermarkets are open, we will have to have take away this evening (stupid MBDOTY) – we were in dire need of toilet paper and bread and were forced to go to the convenience store. These two essentials cost $6.45 – ouch.

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