Grump Grump Grump

It almost felt like real Autumn today – brrrrrrr nice and cold! Roll on winter.

I spent the day photocopying documents for distribution to the solicitors and the QC – so, so many many documents – and then compiling them in approximately 20 lever-arch folders. Ahhhhhhhh Records Management – what a fabulously rewarding and challenging career path.

This being The Day on which I am poorly remunerated each fortnight, I had an urge to add to my meagre collection of couture, but as is usually the case when on a buying clothes mission – nothing fit and it all looked crappy. Size 10 is just a little too tight and a 12 is way too enormous (oh for 12 months ago when I was a size 6!!). I would love to go for the Ă¼ber corporate suited look, but I don’t think it really lends itself to crawling around in a compactus and lugging boxes about.

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