a visual representation of my current state

(In the spirit of lengthy journeys starting with single steps)

It’s taken almost 2 weeks to feel remotely human after returning from Europe.

I absolutely don’t have long covid – but it is definitely taking quite some time to bounce back from things these days.

I’m going gently with myself, but time to see if I can drag myself out of the funk.

4 thoughts on “a visual representation of my current state

  1. That’s the other side of the world, a long flight, and serious jet lag! I’m not surprised it’s taking a long time to recover. I hope you had a wonderful time and that the Castle of Love didn’t collapse or anything while you were gone.

    • It was utterly brilliant – I’m definitely ready to embrace regular travel again!

      I had ridiculously idea I could bounce back within a couple of days – barely any jetlag at after the flight over – but goodness!

      Joe/Frank did a stellar job of keeping the home fires burning!

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