22 for 2022

january 03: 8:53am – spot the tiny plane

I’ve been spending a little time ruminating about what I want from this year.

I touched on this last year, but I’m kind of over my very internal harsh task master – depriving myself of things and KPIing my life. I want more ease and joy.

With that in mind – 22 small and simple things I want to do in the coming year.

01.   Use the things!
        The crystal, the china, the stuff I’ve made – don’t save things for best.
02.   Put my feet in the sea
        I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year.
03.   Buy more indoor plants
        For a long while I was an indoor plant hater, now I’m not.
04.   30 days of Yoga With Adrienne in January
        Non-culty and joyful.
05.   Achieve Big Financial Goal
        Mortgage milestone in August / September – keep eyes on that prize!
06.   Use my dremel.
        Don bought this for me over 15 years ago.
        Don has used it, Joan has used it, I’ve never used it.
07.   Choose the loving action.
        Resist my inclination to deprive myself in the name of self-improvement.
        Quell that negative and extremely critical inner voice.
08.   Try/learn one new skill each month
        Can be big, can be tiny. Definitely can’t be work-related!
09.   More music through speakers in ThePalace(OLove) on working days.
        I’m so over wearing headphones!
        I love music, I don’t listen anywhere near enough.
10.   Show support financially to creators I believe in
        via patreon or paid newsletters or buying music on bandcamp.
        I want to live in a world where creative endeavours are supported!
11.   Take myself on an adventure in the goget (car share).
        I signed up at the beginning of 2021 to get out and about when Don has the car.
        Didn’t get out and about. This year I will make it so.
12.   Attend another sound bath
        I finally did this in late December after wanting to for ages.
        It was quite a ride.
13.   Take a photo of the sky every day.
14.   Stay in the country for a weekend.
15.   Update supportive footwear.
        Part of my quest to regain physical health. That ankle needs all the help it can get.
16.   Have a serious crack at meditation.
17.   Go for a morning swim in the local pool
        I’ve lived within walking distance for almost 10 years and have never been.
        Just one swim is fine.
18.   Have a Reiki session.
        Because why not?
19.   Disrupt the daily routine at least once a week.
        While there is comfort in it, it becomes boring and I feel stuck.
20.   Cultivate a healthier relationship with work
        Work takes up way, way too much of my non-work brain-space.
21.   Get a haircut/trim
        As much as I want to see how long it will get, it’s becoming pretty unwieldy.
22.   Experiment! Tiny experiments with all sorts of things!

4 thoughts on “22 for 2022

    • Happy New Year! I hope all is wonderful in the Nation’s Capital.

      I may use the dremel to try to polish some of the rough edges off those resin pieces – that seems pretty non-threatening. Then will see where we are!

  1. Happy New Year to you too! I’ve left the nation’s capital now, soon to begin the country cottage search in NSW. Might start another blog to document it but am still prevaricating.

    • OH MY GOSH! How wonderful, this is so exciting!

      I would absolutely be there for a blog about this journey – you definitely should do it. I can live vicariously through you 😀

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