That week off was just glorious and really needed to be longer. I feel rested and calmed. So calmed.

Yoga every morning was so helpful. I definitely will cling to that daily practice as long as I can. I have a goal of getting to a yoga retreat at some point so it would do be well to claw some fitness back – and likely quite a bit of time to build it, because it is very unclear when we’ll be out of lockdown. Maybe October? Maybe Xmas? Maybe 2030?

I spent time each day journalling – getting *stuff* out, facing some *things* and working *things* through.

I listed a bunch of *things* (ideas, behaviours, beliefs) on slips of paper that I want to let go from my life. Then ceremonially burned them!

Cliche and totally cringe, but very cathartic! Recommend!

I also wrote *things* I want to cultivate or bring in to my life. I might plant those in with a tree or something. I’ll wait while you finish rolling your eyes.

I think all of this has put me in a good place to start the really hard work of working out what is next for me. What areas do I want to explore? What would a post-SML life look life for me? How do I gently expand back into the world when I have spent the last few years very much drawing inward? All the Big Questions!

I really have no joy in the idea of getting back to (remote) SML on Monday.

This is quite good reading: Caitlin Flanagan: You Really Need to Quit Twitter.

I haven’t had a twitter account for years, but it is way too easy to get caught up in it even if you have no account. I’ve stepped away from the endless scroll in the last week which has been incredibly beneficial.

Theme for the rest of the month is more less internet.

In wildly exciting gardening news, we’ve had our first jasmine flower of the year!

I bought a small pot in maybe October last year, shoved it in a bigger pot and it absolutely thrived in the very, very harsh conditions.

I had to put up a trellis to contain it. From memory it’s common jasmine, we also have star jasmine in another pot, but it is much more restrained.

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