winter colour

I have now reached the “buying of unnecessary items” point of lockdown.

I can highly recommend a jade facial roller. It feels very soothing and will be delightfully cooling in the summer.

I’m also planning to give dry brushing a crack, because my skin is not doing at all well in the cold and dry weather. My legs resemble an admittedly oddly shaped, very shiny (patent, if you will) and rather flaky crocodile. I don’t know if it is an advancing age thing (likely), but this seems to be worse every year. Moisturising doesn’t quite cut it anymore and although I am unconvinced that scrubbing enthusiastically at my skin will be helpful – why not? YOLO and all that.

2 thoughts on “200/2021

    • I adore that whatever-it-is** vine! My grandfather had a huge vine of it in his back garden during my childhood.

      I’d completely forgotten the whole older people with paper thin skin thing. I guess I am now inching ever closer to becoming one of them.

      ** Pyrostegia venusta apparently. Quite common here on fences and garages.

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