I’m assuming it’s hazard reduction burning and that bush fires haven’t started already. But of course who knows in these crazy times?

Also a lesson that I should not walk outdoors without a mask on smoky days. Blergh, I feel rather dreadful as a result.

How soon we forget!


I’m uncertain what The Universe is trying to tell me but today I found another phone on my morning walk. I also found a drivers licence.

The phone and the licence do not belong to the same person.

Must have been crazy-wild times in my suburb last night!


Sadly my DFH course wrapped up this week. Those 12 weeks passed incredibly quickly.

Naturally all this inner-work is a journey and whatevs, but it was a fantastic place to start. I loved it utterly.

At the very least it’s definitely gone a huge way toward curing my pretty toxic productivity addiction – totally worth the price for that alone.


I spent a good deal of time yesterday copying photos from my phone to computer. You’d think this would be simple, and indeed it used to be so, but lately iphones and windows do not play at all nicely together.

Here’s that periodic reminder to back up (all) your stuff, kids!

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