I’ve had quite a lot of lower back pain in the last week or so. I’ve also had a horribly itchy winter rash in the same location for a couple of months now.

The back pain is pretty clearly stress-related because that’s one of the areas I carry my stress (along with my right upper trapezius muscle), but combined with the rash it’s a whole other level of unpleasantness.

So, lots of stretching, heat packs, drugs and forcing self to sit properly in my future. But also lots of calm the hell down, lady.

If I was into the whole chakra thing, I would say that I should meditate while visualising the colour orange, surround myself with water, chant “vam”, eat oranges and get myself some amber or citrine. I am not really likely to do any of these things other than eating oranges.

But if it keeps up much longer, who knows?

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