not a brand that aligns with my values

I’m on the mailing list of Don’s preferred brand of unmentionables. They’re one of those annoying companies who email pretty much daily.

All week they’ve been pimping a 25% off everything sale. And Don being in need of supplies, I pulled the trigger on a reasonably substantial purchase on the last morning of the sale.

That afternoon, less than 10 hours after my purchase, the brand emailed advising that now everything was 50% off.

I hate being *that* person, but I was so infuriated that I sent a strongly worded email expressing my disappointment. Much like daily emails**, I really loathe this marketing approach. For every customer that is delighted to save 50%, you’ve got another one who feels like an idiot because they fell for the last day of a 25% off sale. And who is really motivated not to buy from you again.

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** Yes, I really should unsubscribe

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