and let’s not forget the cough

I’ve done something to my lower back and it’s a little stiff and ouchy.

Perceptive people might think this is work-stress related. I don’t feel all that mentally stressed, but that’s probably because my back has decided to cut my brain a break and take one for the team.

I’ve taken to laying on the floor with a yoga block under my sacrum. This is genuinely delightful, but the relief only lasts for so long afterward.

Despite the recent glorious holiday, I’ll be very glad to break for Xmas. Unfortunately I’m working right up to the 24th, but then get eight wonderful days off.

My plans include doing not-a-lot. I will likely regret not making an Action List, so will try to cobble something together in the next couple of days. I really want to attack some outstanding craft projects and hopefully the smoke will have abated and I can spend some time outdoors.

2910 days

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