and more lazing

We spent most of today napping after a pretty rotten overnight flight – small child across aisle screaming at ear-splitting volume for most of the 10 hours.

For preference, I’d always choose to fly in the daytime – so much easier to sit and read quietly.

A mere five days until I return to SML. I’m really hoping to get stuck into some of that long list of craft projects and not spend it all on housework!

2922 days

2 thoughts on “and more lazing

  1. I was at international arrivals the same time as you but went back to work yesterday – been in a fog of stupidity ever since


    One of those vanishing comments! Reposted 03/02/2020

    • Yikes! And you had a much longer flight time than we did.

      I honestly don’t know how you managed to travel so much for work and continue to function at all! I’m always a complete wreck even after short flights.


      One of those vanishing comments! Reposted 03/02/2020

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