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I honestly can’t remember what started it, but a couple of weeks ago Don brought home a couple of new CDs. Jazz CDs (peak middle-aged hipster dude?).

Then he bought new speakers.

Then he dragged out one of the boxes of CDs that we’ve been storing in the garage since we moved in – looking for a particular non-Jazz CD.

Why don’t we get them all out? I asked.

And so we did.

It took a while to find a space for them to live and they’re nowhere near the CD player**, but is nice to see them all lined up (@jamesobrien – alphabetising to follow!).

And wow, the difference in sound quality compared to streaming music is astounding. Far, far superior. I’m a huge fan of vinyl, but the CDs sound almost as good. And we’re listening to music together in ThePalace(OfLove) again, not separately through headphones which sort of happened somewhere along the way.

I’m very glad we did not dispose of them after we paid Joe/Frank to digitise them for us.

A nice unintended consequence is not having giant evil corporate entities tracking every single thing we’re listening to. Now not quite every single thing. Just most things.

Remember when the Internet used to be a place to escape from Real Life? It increasingly feels like we need Real Life to escape from the Internet.

2967 days

** actually the DVD player, we don’t have a CD player – yet.

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