in recent binge reading

+ just good shit.
Exactly what it says on the tin! Many (many) fabulous links.
When you’ve exhausted that, there’s loads more goodness at her previous blog
by way of: The Nod: How to Show Up


+ hei astrid.
Utterly delightful! Sadly now defunct, but there’s 10+ years of archives to get lost in.
by way of: I briefly tried out feedly when theoldreader was having issues updating feeds. Came up on the “similar blogs” (or whatever it’s called) sidebar when I was reading the wonderful hula seventy.

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Dame Eleanor Hull
June 26, 2019 3:19 AM

Testing: I’ve tried twice, from different machines/OSs to leave a comment on your last post and neither has appeared. Let’s see what happens when I’m logged into WordPress already.