achievement achieved

In delightful news, I completed the dress!

It turned out as planned and isn’t too hideous, so I’ll wear it to work tomorrow – though this will likely be a one off as I think being on the shiny side it’s better as evening wear. Tomorrow I will also bore you to death with the making details and perhaps include an action shot.

Not only did I complete the dress, I rode 10km on the exercise bike on Saturday morning, attended yoga this morning, did approximately 87 loads of washing, made dinner inspired by** Homesick Texan’s Roast chicken with bacon, tomatoes, and green chiles, grocery shopped and read a bunch of anyresemblance’s archives after falling down a rabbit hole from a link in this post.

I really feel quite productive and pleased with myself.

I see that for the next little bit (or for always!) I’ll need to ensure I have a defined weekend project that’s not house-work, cooking or ironing related.


** inspired by because we can’t get most of the ingredients here, so I usually free-style by replacing the can of diced tomatoes and green chiles with a jar of pico de gallo; and the New Mexican red chile powder with half ancho chilli powder and half chipotle chilli powder. Then I chuck in bits of whatever I have around that’s vaguely mexican – couple of chipotles in adobo, some pickled jalapenos, bit of smoky salsa. Rarely tastes the same – always tastes wonderful.

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