recent discoveries (or, exposing my ignorance)

Me: “hey, what do you think loofahs are made of?”
Don: “some sort of sea creature?”
Me: “hah! that’s exactly what I thought! But no! They’re a plant – like a cucumber!”

I learned this from Zero Waste Home. She grows loofahs. She went through a phase of gathering moss to use as a toilet paper replacement. It’s quite a book.


For years (years!) I’ve been cutting careful circles of baking paper to line the bases of my springform cake tins.

One day I realised I could just lay a large square of paper (straight off the roll) on the base and snap the springform around it. No cutting required.


3 thoughts on “recent discoveries (or, exposing my ignorance)

  1. OMG, the baking paper thing is a revelation to me too! Thanks!
    My grandma always had a loofah in her bathroom when I was a kid and I was terrified of it because of the texture when it got wet. I thought it was semi-alive. Don’t think I’m quite over it yet.

    • I am pleased it wasn’t just me with baking paper (it often is). It really is transformative.

      I should probably not tell you that I tossed the loofah into the worm farm to see what would happen – what happened is that the worms decided to make it a little home and fill all the holes – it’s like something from a horror film!

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