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For a wee while now, Apple devices have had a horrifying pop-up message informing you of your screen time for the week prior.

Yesterday, I was advised that last week on the iPad alone I averaged just under 4 hours (3:54) per day. Ummmm … you what now?

Add in my desktop (and phone) and it paints a rather ghastly picture of what I’m doing with my leisure time.

Little wonder life feels like it is racing by and I don’t seem to have time to do the things I want to do.

So I’m going to add a couple more items to my Xmas list

+ I will go through these 434 emails (likely to be more by holiday start) and listen to at least one song contained within each

+ I will put my iPad away for the duration (rather than just limiting my time on it)

+ I will review the contents of at least 3 tubs in the garage

+ I will recommence that embroidery

Should kick-start me out of my lethargy.

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