personal challenges

Yesterday saw me hit the big 300 days (300!) of my chocolate ban.

This has been rather harder than expected – possibly on par with quitting drinking!

Sadly what it hasn’t done is to stop me mindlessly eating All The Snacks after dinner. I still have a less-than-optimal habit of binge eating treats when I’m not even hungry. Bed time? Must mindlessly stuff my face first – possibly with an entire tub of (not chocolate) ice-cream. At the moment I have this somewhat (kinda sorta) under control – after putting on about 5kg – but most evenings are a struggle.

I’m utterly hopeless at any sort of moderation, but I am pretty decent at deprivation, so possibly my 2020 push-myself challenge will be no post-dinner treats at all – just to kick things up a notch. Though I can see the work-arounds now: stuff face before dinner, for example.

Tomorrow will be stressful. I’m advising the new starter we’re ending his contract early. He won’t be expecting this. I feel quite horrible and wonder if I could have done more.

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2 Responses to personal challenges

  1. Sometimes it is a relief to both sides when the fit is not there. Be strong and don’t say “I am sorry but…”


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