trials of a manageress

Conversations with new team member** …

Conversation 1

Me: oh, you cycle? cool! what do you ride?

New Team Member: you wouldn’t have heard of it.


Conversation 2

Me (on hearing his daughter had just finished university):
oh wow, that’s crazy! my youngest just completed a design degree too!

New Team Member: oh but mine did honours

Me: (ffs, is this what we’re doing now?):
gosh, what a coincidence! so did mine!


** older guy, previous long term role in senior management at small high-profile organisation, pivoting into different area, reporting to me. We had some reservations when recruiting, but decided to take a chance because of his experience and because he sold himself incredibly well.

Yet another lesson that if it is not a HELL YEAH, it’s a no.

2 thoughts on “trials of a manageress

    • Absolutely!

      I feel like I have learned many valuable lessons from this – including being thankful that he is still in the probation period, so we can bid him adieu with few dramas.

      After interviewing well, he’s turned out to be quite difficult – and as Bobs said, “carolbaby, just get rid of him – you’re the one who keeps insisting we need to have a no dickheads policy”.

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