We’re members of an our state’s automobile association, which is well worth the annual subscription to cover us for breakdowns, flat batteries and the like.

Our membership includes a bimonthly (if that’s the word I want for every two months) magazine which appears to be next to impossible to unsubscribe from and contains such amusements as curmudgeonly letters to the editor about the lack of adherence to road rules**, pensioner travel package deals, car reviews, and advertisements for hideously expensive realistic baby dolls and nationalistic jewellery.

And this month, an advert for a simple mobile phone for the elderly!

And from the testimonial of Mrs Emily Jones (… if that’s her real name) …

The EasyPhone should be awarded gadget of the year for the over 50s

Over 50s? You what now?

It’s so simple to use. I normally need my son to show me what to do, but not with this phone.

You know that horror-face emoji? Consider that inserted here.


** I can actually totally get behind the majority of these curmudgeonly letters #getoffmylawn

2 thoughts on “enfeebled

  1. Over 50s are also eligible for “Pensioner’s Insurance”! I’ve seen advertisements for phones like these and I think the cost of these very dump phones is often outrageous. Yes, a lot of older people do want simpler phones, but they’re being asked to pay a very high markup.

    • I’ve read a couple of articles recently telling me that dumb phones (or *feature* phones) are making a comeback. I adore the look of this very slick phone and think the idea of using it as a hotspot is really clever – utterly gorgeous, but kind of useless as I barely use my phone as a phone!

      Ooooh – cheap insurance! I wonder what else I can score as an elderly person!

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