of course it got me

Ugh! That incipient cold became full-blown during the week and I’ve felt all sorts of miserable.

I’d estimate that it’s been around two years since I’ve had a cold. I’ve generally been able to head them off with lashings of vitamins (and quasi-vitamins) and rest. I was really starting to feel quite smug that I’d found the secret to cold avoidance – hah! Thanks Universe – good to keep me grounded.

Thankfully I’m now into the coughing stage (from the most unpleasant nose-dripping-like-the-proverbial-tap stage which lasted many days), so it shouldn’t be long until this is over. However I’ve also now developed a delightful giant cold sore, which will likely be with me for the next few weeks – perfect!

Of course this means that I’ve missed those restorative yoga sessions that I was very much looking forward too. Ah well, next month.

I suspect that it’s the lack of regular cardio that did me in. I really need a run – even a short one. And SML has been the usual chaotic chaos, which is probably contributing to the low resistance to whatever germs are passing by.

Today I’ve been laying about ThePalace(OfLove) in a slothful state reading my library books, which is no bad thing at all. ThePalace(OfLove) could probably do with a clean and I’m ignoring all thoughts of the all-day workshops ahead of me on Monday and Tuesday, which might get quite … tense? tiresome? maddening?

I’d forgotten that sometimes the publisher tells you lovely wee stories about the typeface in analogue books. Everything I read on the kindle is pretty much in helvetica – so reading a paragraph or two about a typeface is soothing and wonderful. Could all this reading be the start of my own personal technology backlash? What might I foresake next?

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