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I looked up the other day and noticed that my wardrobe has turned very sombre – all dark blues and greys and black and white.

Sadly I think this is pretty reflective of my current state of mind! It’s the time of year where everything is a bit gloomy and I feel all around meh.

Also around this time I also realised that most of my tops/shirts/jumpers are a very lovely light grey – which unfortunately is a colour completely sucks the life out of me and makes me look sallow and unwell.

Though I am not planning to embark on a wild shopping spree to rectify this, I do need to keep this in mind when acquiring new garments. When in shops I immediately gravitate toward that very pretty grey that suits me so badly. I’m sure there’s some psychological explanation for this, but I am at a loss to begin to understand what that might mean.

I definitely need a shake-up and some colour in LOTS of areas of my life – the wardrobe is just one of the symptoms of the malaise!

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5 Responses to monochrome

  1. Would you like some men’s blue checked shirts? I have many, many of them.

    • carolbaby says:

      I’ll swap you some grey t-shirts, I think I have about 7.

      Going casual at SML has really blanded out the wardrobe – at least when I was wearing businessy dresses I had some variety – now it’s mostly jeans and t-shirts or jumpers.

      I should make a project of buying something red!

  2. maybe some coloured scarfs? you used to have all those lovely colourful bodes things

    • carolbaby says:

      One of the only downsides to dropping a couple of sizes was all those lovely boden dresses no longer fitting!

      Now it’s pretty much all jeans in the office – which has up and downsides!

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