Clearly AI is not quite ready to take over the world if Amazon is recommending this book to me:


My internet break was somewhat surprising. I thought I’d be mildly productive (while hoping for insanely productive), but spent most of the time with my head in various books. This is no bad thing.

I have a lot of thoughts on the break.

Even after a week I’m definitely more focussed and less flighty – and dare I say more content. I attend to things more. The change noticeable to others, I’ve had unsolicited comments about how relaxed, calm and centred I appear. Yes really – after just a week.

And I’ve been able to deal calmly with a whole lot of SML stuff which would previously have sent me into a spiral (amongst other things – 3 of my small team leaving within a week of each other!)

I returned to my RSS reader yesterday and boggled at how I have been spending the majority of my free time for the past few years. More than half the blogs in there are not worth my time and only serve to make me feel utterly inadequate and discontent (of course this is not your blog, dear reader!).

It’s quite embarrassing to admit how much of what I do or buy is driven by what I’ve seen or read. I like to think that I’m immune to such influences, but apparently really very much not!

So what does this mean? Well I’m not entirely sure. I think at least I am going to ruthlessly strip that blog list bare and try to only spend time at the computer or on the devices when I have a defined purpose for doing so.

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