Don and I were grabbing some shallots|spring onions|sybies yesterday after work when we passed the pet store and saw 3 beautiful rescue kitties in the window.

Naturally we went inside for a closer look – they were just under a year old, all black and white – two lively short haired females and more sedate male medium hair who looked just like NewKitty.

newkitty up in my business

We watched their delightful antics for a while and contemplated adding another kitty to ThePalace(OfLove), but Don pointed out that it would be a shame to separate them, so we’d really need all three. So then we contemplated getting three more kitties. I mean, the house is probably big enough for five cats …

And we pondered and pondered (they were just totes adorbs!) all last night.

And then this morning at 6am I was woken by an apparently starving BabyKitty rather viciously attacking my feet – with her teeth.

foot biter

Yeah, we probably don’t need more cats right now.

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