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My poor brain was so befuddled that I posted yesterday’s entry as a page (as opposed to a post) – now fixed.

I’m slightly more human today, but am continuing to take it as easy as I can. An excellent excuse to lounge on the … lounge and get stuck into my current book (recommended!).

Scary follow-up appointment on Thursday which I’m trying not to be too nervous about. In this way the not-quite-yet-a-cold is quite good as thinking too much is slightly challenging. The not-quite-yet-a-cold is serving me well in other ways too as I am very chilled and mellow in the face of ridiculous SML hysteria – must learn to maintain this feeling.


Best thing today: making yoghurt ice-pops – future me will be very appreciative.

Okay, maybe not the *best* thing, but a good thing – maybe I should rename this!

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