birthday advent: week four

And just like that it was over …

day twenty-two: T2 detox


day twenty-three: T2 riotous rose


day twenty-four: iphone lens kit

fisheye – lounge room

macro – eye of kitty toy


While my advent calendar was been fabulously fabulous; and Don and Joe/Frank enjoyed their beer and cider (respectively) advent calendars; Joan and Bessie were very disappointed with their yankee candle calendars which they’d had shipped from the UK. I’d have to agree – the candles themselves smell really artifical and chemically – and then when burning, meh – very underwhelming. They abandoned the whole exercise about day 10.

Definitely inspired to do tailored advent calendars for everyone next year (though obviously they won’t be so fabulously packaged as mine!)

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2 Responses to birthday advent: week four

  1. agkaty says:

    If your family needs an antidote to yucky yankee candle fumes, try the #badyankeecandles hashtag on twitter (it was trending a couple of years ago). Good for some laughs.


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