reading 2017: november to december

Not a lot in reading and nothing I was particularly jazzed by – I’m very much in need of something cheerful and engaging.

Marcia Muller: Edward of the Iron Shoes (Sharon McCone)
I’d not heard of Sharon McCone until the excellent anyresemblance mentioned the series in a comment of the also excellent ganching’s blog. Published in 1977 and don’t think it has dated particularly well. Possibly should have picked one of the later novels!


Joan Didiion: The Year of Magical Thinking
I’d never read any Joan Didion before. I’m a little conflicted about this one. Quite harrowing story, but I don’t know that I necessarily connect very well with her writing. I liked it enough to start reading the white album, but abandoned it. Likely heresy, but we don’t really gel.


Clive Cussler: Typhoon Fury
Read on my birthday glamping adventure. I think I’m done with Clive. I adored his books because of their sheer and utter ridiculousness, but the latter books have really lost their unintentionally hilarious spark.


David Lebovitz: L’Appart – The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home

I adore David Lebovitz’s blog and newsletter. This was an account of the purchase and renovation of his apartment. While reading this I wanted to shake him and shout “What are you doing? Listen to Romain!!”


Tim Ferriss: Tribe of Mentors – Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

Exactly what it says on the tin. Some good stuff in here, some baffling stuff in here, some underwhelming stuff in here, some awful stuff in here. I didn’t get a huge amount from it, but worthwhile reading.

There’s a question in the book along the lines of “what is the book you most gift to people?” Is this a thing? This is so far outside my experience that I’m dazzled by the idea that “This is Jack, who gives everyone he meets a copy of Who Moved My Cheese”, “This is Fabrice, well known for gifting the Da Vinci code”. I can understand recommending a book you’d enjoyed, but wouldn’t you just buy a book to suit someone’s actual interests if you were giving a gift? Clearly this is why I’m not a mover and shaker.


And in audiobooks: Wallander #4 | #5 | #6 | #7. Good company while on leave.

It drives me quite bonkers when there are continuity issues in book series – and there are a few scattered throughout this one (no you have met her husband before – in the last book | you’ve been 49 for the last 6 years, etc). Hasn’t stopped me continuing to listen though!

Just completed #8. Likely will stop here as the last book is apparently quite bleak and I’m not in the right mental state for that!

Have WAY too many audible credits – need to use them up by downloading a bunch of books before I put the membership on hold!

2 thoughts on “reading 2017: november to december

  1. I listen to a LOT on audible, mostly detective stories (love the Spenser series read by Joe Mantegna) and the Sean Duffy series but also young adult fiction (Patrick Weekes Rogues of the Republic series). The reader matters a lot. I’ve returned a couple because I could not stand the reader. I have just listened to the latest Philip Pullman expertly read by Michael Sheen and finished my credits for the year!

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