60before60: next 12

Added another batch of items to the 60before60 list – though there’s definitely still some [something]s to be fleshed out.

  1. Update my CV
  2. Expunge “like” from my vocabulary (“like” used as filler, not in the “I like that cake” sense)
  3. Be more present (precisely how to do this is yet to be determined)
  4. [something] about not buying fast fashion
  5. Visit MCA and White Rabbit Gallery
  6. [something] hikes
  7. Do something momentous for each birthday
  8. Make (and wear) one article of clothing per year
  9. Record all personal spending for a year
  10. Move the blog to self-hosted wordpress
  11. Cook one new recipe from each of our cookbooks + 10% of recipes I’ve bookmarked (currently 154 in bookmarks)
  12. [something] reading

Only 10 more items to come up with! Goal is to have the list finalised by the end of the year. Of course there’s likely to be some revisions over the 10 (10!) year period.


First 38 can be found here.

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