50before50: #12 no more drinking alcohol (month 12)

Hey! Wow!

Today marks 12 months of no booze!

I’d have to say that from the 9 month mark, things were relatively easy. Before that though? It was really (sometimes impossibly) difficult and I struggled a lot at the start and at various points throughout. 

My tips to get through the first awful bits – read lots and lots of sobriety blogs and sobriety books; completely stay away from occasions where you might be tempted; expect some people to be dicks and try to make this some sort of judgement of them or try to convince you to “just have one” (this could be just an Australian thing); chocolate; treats; accept that whatever your brain tells you, moderation is unlikely to work; be really stubborn.

I really don’t think about alcohol at all anymore and have survived almost every type of occasion on which I formerly drank. I do now mostly avoid work-related (and other similar) social functions because they all revolve around drinking – and watching people getting smashed is really boring. And it’s pretty amusing that I feel slightly nauseous even thinking about wine – though I’m very happy to cook with it.

I wish I could say I was more slender and healthy, but not a chance!

I went out at lunch today with the intention of buying myself something celebratory to mark the occasion but came up empty-handed. I’m sure something will reveal itself.

But yeah – look at me!


I’ve been operating under the assumption that the anniversary date is 14 November, when this post on 17 November last year tells me I hadn’t been drinking for 5 days #mathsfail

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