i would have said red

On Saturday afternoon Don and I took a little outing to the other art fair.

There wasn’t a whole lot which grabbed me, but I immediately gravitated toward the works of Jennifer Lia. Don says blue paintings are like a magnet to me and that I immediately head straight for anything predominantly blue. I was completely unaware of this, but he’s right – which is kind of crazy because I wouldn’t have said I even like blue.

We grabbed a postcard which current sits nicely on the shelf above the television alongside a postcard of Robert Malherbe’s south coast 2 (which I was slightly disappointed to miss out on it at Sydney Contemporary this year). Yep, more blue.

I was really very taken with Lia’s Bronte 2 which was available as a print (already sold). Unfortunately the original wasn’t being shown, so I couldn’t see it in person, but I’m quite tempted by it – love that curve and the whole summerishness of it.

Well tempted apart from that whole wanting to be a bit more frugal thing.


Gorgeous afternoon so we walked home from Redfern via Newtown where we stopped off for Thai for lunch and I indulged in a pretty excellent watermelon drink. 

Interestingly, my right ankle was in agony by the time we got home (it’s a bit of a hike). I’d always attributed that ankle pain and swelling to running – but I haven’t run for a while now and have had the pain a couple of times after long walks I’m not-great footwear** so maybe I need to revisit that whole thing.


** flats with some arch support both times, I don’t do heels, but still not proper supportive walking shoes, designed for (well) walking.

2 thoughts on “i would have said red

    • I’m with you on the white! The interesting thing is, we don’t really own anything blue, so I’ve no idea where this has come from!

      We just hit upon the idea of assessing larger potential purchases in terms of days of mortgage payments – “this painting will cost 10 days of mortgage payments”, “these fans are 1 days of mortgage payments”. Though days of work might be better, “Is it worth slaving for 15 days for [thing]?”

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