should probably get myself a keep cup

I reckon I’ve put on around 5kg in the last few months and was attributing this to not running, and eating work biscuits on the odd occasion.

It was only yesterday that I realised that my relatively newly acquired habit of two coffees (flat whites) during the day at SML has been contibuting around 500 calories to my daily intake**! Yikes! This pretty much coincides with the start of the weight gain. Add a wee chocolate bar each night (~250 calories) and I think we have our explanation for the tighter clothing.

So today I decided to take the bold and crazy step of moving to a macchiato. 

Strong, bitter, delicious – and had me bouncing off the walls.

I’m converted!

Probably less converted to abandoning the chocolate.


** I should have actually known this from back when I was doing 5-2.

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