perhaps i should investigate a trailer 

Thank goodness for the old lady basket on the back of my bike because tonight I carried home the following:

➕ large(ish) backpack, filled with:
     ➖ work clothing
     ➖ toiletries
     ➖ towel
     ➖ shower thongs
     ➖ ingredients for dinner of nostalgia pizza (pizza bases, mozarella, sopressa, pepperoni, chorizo) + jar of limited edition vegemite (because it is hilarious amd stupid)
     ➖ wallet, keys, sunnies case, distance glasses, phone, jewellery worn during the day
     ➖ laptop
➕ bike lock
➕ shoe box containing pair of shoes for Don

To call it heavy is a bit of an understatement, but yay for baskets – lugging all that up various hills will definitely will build strength!

The traffic was pretty mental on my usual route, so I decided to peel off and ride along the foreshore at Blackwattle Bay, past ye olde Don and Carol residence. It was a really lovely afternoon and very peaceful by the water and away from the chaos and dickheadery. The whole thing probably took an extra 10-15 minutes, but well worth it for the extra calm.

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