now to parlay that into something

Today Bobs showered me with praise for that work I did yesterday morning. 

He was actually gushing (on more than one occasion – and to others). This was really quite unsettling because it is not at all like him – he doesn’t really do much in the way of praise.

It’s likely because I explained a couple of quite opaque processes that are difficult to grapple with in a simple and visually pleasing way. I think this was the first time he was really able to come to grips with the (very esoteric) concepts and was delighted to be able to do so.

One of those self-help books I’ve been reading (though I’m uncertain) which suggests looking at which parts of your job you’d do for free and try to do more of that. I would totally and happily spend my free time explaining stuff in clear, soothing and pretty ways for busy executives – oh wait, I did that yesterday – and I was happy to!

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