50before50: #50 make/craft something special for each of the family (joe/frank)

I’ll admit that the special part of this challenge is a bit tenuous! But I’m calling this Achieved!

Joe/Frank and I were recently cleaning out his wardrobe and found his winter pyjama pants were looking very tatty and quite threadbare in spots. I had several lengths of flannelette in the fabric stash and had him select something he liked to make him a new pair.

These pants were crafted with love and extra doses of hubris. I even busted out the much-unused overlocker to finish the crotch seams! It worked really well, but I must make an attempt to actually learn to use the thing.

I’ve made up this pattern before (for Don), so didn’t bother with instructions. I mean, they’re elastic-waisted pants, I could make them I’m my sleep. Well, in my sleep until I misinterpreted a symbol and sewed button holes for the drawstring in totally the wrong spot. Fortunately I hadn’t cut them, but it was very tedious to unpick them (such teensy stitches). I dragged out the instructions after that incident.
Realistically these should take a couple of hours to make – this took a couple of weeks because I kept getting dragged away to Other Things and could not attend to them.

Excellent label from sublime stitching.

Because it is now spring and quite warm, I kind of feel obligated to whip up a pair in a much lighter fabric. 

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