let’s try that again

at ikea

Today was one of those days full of minor irritations and where you feel as though you’ve accomplished not a lot.

Too many meetings that went around in circles with little hope of progress, low grade annoyances from team and various colleagues, being the slowest cyclist on the face of the earth (or at least the slowwst on my route at 8:45am), phone not correctly connecting to laptop preventing me from downloading photos, Joe/Frank dropping a stack of bowls, Joan being agitated by work dramas.

On the up side I sent two documents to Bobs for review and his suggested changes were very minor – this is pretty unprecedented and a slight cause for celebration.

And I’m kicking most of my #tinygoalz – though there is room for improvement on taking pix with the DSLR (like actually start) and barely scraping in with the leave SML before dark.

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