today …

I made chicken stock, cooked that pie (welsh lamb), made butterscotch bars (rich, delicious and not too sweet) and peach cobbler (I wasn’t a huge fan, but everyone else loved it).
I juiced a bunch of oranges and lemons that were on their last legs and froze in 1/4 cup quantities for future carne asada marinade. Yay for avoiding food waste!

We meal planned and grocery shopped.

We ducked out to Japanese for lunch.

I watched a bunch of tiny house shows.

We booked a holiday for next year.

I booked an outing which will enable me to cross one of the items of the 50list.

I spotted a teeny baby fish in the fish tank (then lost it again and suspect it will be eaten by morning – *sad face*)

What I didn’t do was a couple of SML things that would have made Future Me happy. Oh well, Future Me likes the adrenaline that a tight deadline brings!

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