what though

Yesterday was my first Ducks game of the year – second elimination final, playing Essendon. For the first time in over 10 years I attended no games in the regular season – games were generally on pretty late and I really wasn’t feeling it. Don and Bessie have been going regularly, Joan occasionally, Joe/Frank rarely as he usually works at the games.

I took my distance glasses along (first time ever) and busted them out in the second half – the clarity was incredible. My prescription is about the smallest you can get, but the difference is amazing.

I took the DSLR and took A LOT of photos. But really, the only way I am going to get better at taking photos is to regularly use the camera. I only realised there was a sports mode about half way through the game, it definitely made a difference to the Action shots.

Taking the camera meant I didn’t touch my phone at all – this is definitely a good thing. I’m making an effort to attend more to what is going on around me, so far successful (weaning myself off instagram helped with this tremendously).

running out

national anthem


that smoke is still a mysterious mystery

umpires – booooooooo

fuzzy don



before the discovery of sports mode!


half time: Aus-kickers


after i discovered sports mode


victorious victory

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